Crina Abrudan is the new sensation of Survivor Romania! At 45, the star is making waves on Instagram with her body

The “Famous” team received fresh strength. Mihai Zmărăndescu (22) and Crina Abrudan (45) have joined the Survivor show and will start the fight from the Dominican Republic, live on PRO TV and VOYO, for the €100,000 grand prize.
Crina Abrudan joined the Survivor show

“People know me as a sports news anchor. I had a 15-year career in television and 4 years in radio. I came to Survirvor first and foremost for me, I came for the adventure. I came because, after so many years of talking about sports competitions, to be part of a sports competition.

I’m very happy that the ‘Famous’ are much better than I saw them on TV before I came. And I want to make the ‘Famous’ team like it was in the beginning, a team that won and sat very quietly at the Elimination Councils,” said Crina Abrudan upon her arrival at Survivor Romania.

Survivor Romania can be seen on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 20:30 live on PRO TV and one day in advance on VOYO.

In recent years, Crina Abrudan has stepped out of the media spotlight. However, the former TV presenter has not stopped posting on her official Instagram account, where she delights her followers with photos from select locations.

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